Privacy Policy – TrustMyChicken

This privacy statement is applicable to the website and prize game communicated at”, organized by TrustMyChicken and hosted by Vleesgroothandel Gebr. Zandbergen B.V., under the number of 28031393 at the Chamber of Commerce (hereafter “TrustMyChicken”).

In and for the prize game, TrustMyChicken collects personal data because the applicant provides us with their data by filling in the prize game form. Personal data is any data that identifies or can identify an individual, a few examples of personal data are name and phone number. For the prize game TrustMyChicken collects the name and email address of every applicant and the name, initials, address, postal code / town, data of birth and email address of the winner(s) and these data are required for the following purposes: identification and verification of the applicant in order to ensure fake applications are not able to win the prize game and to remove such application from the contest, identification and verification of the applicant in order to comply with legal obligations such as age and marketing, identification and verification of the prize game winners, notifying the prize game winners of the final results and finally we require this information in order to send the prize game winners their prizes. During the application process personal data such as gender is optional, applicants are not required to provide TrustMyChicken with this information. However, if an applicant decides to provide TrustMyChicken with any optional personal data, this data will be used for the purposes mentioned above.

TrustMyChicken does not use any personal data to provide applicants with targeted email marketing, unless they have given us explicit permission to do so. The only communications applicants may receive is to communicate the final results of the prize game in the event they have won one of the listed prize(s).

TrustMyChicken solely collects the personal data of applicants for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement, in relation to the prize game and possibly in order to look for and prevent fraud and misuse of the website and the prize game. TrustMyChicken shall only store this data for the duration of the prize game and six months thereafter, in order to contact the prize winners, to comply and prove our compliance with legal obligations and in order to make sure the prize game is handled and closed properly. After the retention period, TrustMyChicken shall remove any remaining personal data we have collected during and for the prize game. It might be necessary for TrustMyChicken to store personal data of applicants in order to defend or state a legal claim, in this case we can store the data for longer than the timeframes mentioned in this privacy statement.

In order to host and organize the prize game and the website, TrustMyChicken makes use of certain third parties which collect and store the personal data for us. These third parties are for example, our website host and the host of our database in which we store the personal data collected during and for the prize game. These third parties may have a technical ability to access and view the personal data but are only allowed to do so if this is absolutely necessary for the execution of their work. These third parties are not allowed to use, view or access the collected personal data for any other purposes than to provide their services to TrustMyChicken.

On the prize game website of TrustMyChicken, it is possible that we collect cookies as well. These cookies may contain the personal data of website visitors such as their IP-address. The website uses Functional Cookies in order to operate properly, these cookies collect data about the device which website visitors use to visit this website, their browser and the operating system of their device. This information makes it possible for TrustMyChicken to adjust the website to their device so website visitors can use it accordingly and properly. TrustMyChicken is not required to obtain the permission of website visitors for Functional Cookies.

When a website visitor visits this website for the first time, they received a cookie notice. This cookie notice applies to Tracking and Analytical Cookies which collect the IP-address of website visitors, the duration of their visit, how they got onto this website and information about their behaviour on this website. TrustMyChicken uses Cookies from Google Analytics for their Tracking and Analytical Cookies. If you have given permission for these cookies to be enabled, we collect and use this data in order to optimize the website by analyzing web behaviour of our website visitors and to improve our services and (other) websites. Website visitors should take note that the Tracking and Analytical Cookies belong to a third party, therefore we refer to the Privacy Statement of Google and the privacy Statement of Facebook if website visitors wish to gain more information about the further use of their personal data by this third party. If a website visitor no longer wishes that TrustMyChicken collects their personal data by using these Tracking and Analytical Cookies, they can adjust their browser settings and clear their cookies. The next time a website visitor visits this website they will receive the cookie notice again, asking for permission.

Individuals to whom the personal data belongs, are legally called Data Subjects. Data Subjects have certain rights when it comes to the processing of their personal data. Data Subjects have, at all times, the right to obtain information about the processing of their data, the right to object to the processing of personal data and the right to adjust, amend or remove their personal data. Such requests should be send to the following email address [email protected] titled, privacy request. TrustMyChicken shall respond to such requests within the legal timeframe of 4 weeks, if there is no (longer) a legal ground on which TrustMyChicken may process the personal data, or the for the method in which they process the personal data, we will comply with the request of a Data Subject. If TrustMyChicken is not able or not required to comply with the request of Data Subject we shall inform the Data Subject of this and explain why this is the case.